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About WomanAlive Global

At WomanAlive Global, we are driven by a powerful mission to uplift, empower, and inspire women and children worldwide. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their circumstances, and we are committed to making a lasting impact in their life.

About Us


To create a world where women and children are empowered to fulfill their potential, lead with compassion, and create positive change in their communities.


To provide resources, programs, and partnerships that enhance the lives of women and children, enabling them to overcome challenges, embrace their true potential, and live fulfilling and purposeful lives.

What we do

What We Do:

  1. Empowering Programs: We offer a wide range of empowering programs designed to address the unique needs of women and children. From providing basic living supplies and micro funds to fostering personal development and offering essential resources, our programs focus on holistic empowerment.

  2. Supportive Community: We believe in the power of community. Through our network of like-minded individuals, we create a supportive and nurturing environment where women can connect, share experiences, and uplift one another. Together, we inspire each other to reach new heights.

  3. Advocacy and Awareness: We advocate for the rights and well-being of women and children, raising awareness about important issues affecting their lives. By shining a light on these issues, we aim to bring about positive change, foster equality, and promote social justice.

  4. Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in the strength of collaboration. By forming strategic partnerships with organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our vision, we amplify our impact and create a united front in the pursuit of empowering women and children globally.

  5. Faith and Inspiration: We recognize the power of faith and spirituality in transforming lives. Through our faith-based initiatives, we provide guidance, support, and inspiration to individuals seeking to deepen their connection with their inner selves and higher purpose.

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Whether you are a woman looking for support, an advocate for women's empowerment, or someone who wants to make a difference, we invite you to join us at WomanAlive Global.


Together, we can create a world where women and children thrive, overcome obstacles, and lead lives of purpose, dignity, and fulfillment.


Together, let's empower women, transform communities, and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Welcome to WomanAlive Global!

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